Made up of a team of writers from across the UK, One Great Song is a Manchester based music blog created with the aim of introducing fans to their new favourite artists via down to earth, straight to the point reviews, interviews and more.

Music submissions can be sent via the email addresses below.

If you'd like to join the One Great Song team as a writer or photographer, please drop us an email - no experience is necessary, just a passion for new music.

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    Rebecca Mason

    Founder & Editor

    Contact: rebecca@onegreat-song.com


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    Ellie Scully

    Deputy Editor

    Contact: ell.onegreatsong@gmail.com


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    Ianthe Warlow

    Albums Editor & Live Photographer

    Contact: ianthe.onegreatsong@gmail.com


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    Paula Kowalska

    Social Media Manager

    Contact: paula.onegreatsong@gmail.com


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    Sophie Bourgeois

    Staff Writer

    Contact: soph.onegreatsong@gmail.com


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    Lily Blakeney-Edwards

    Staff Writer


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    Edie McQueen

    Staff Writer


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