ĠENN Release New EP 'Liminal'

Credit: Holly Whitaker

Brighton’s latest stars, ĠENN, have released their prowling new EP, ‘Liminal’. It’s a brazen, twisted jungle of funky rhythms and the acerbic bite of psychedelia, cementing their status as a force to reckoned with on the crowded dancefloor of emerging talent.

The EP opens with its lead single, ‘Feel’, a sweetly savage introduction to the band’s trippy, feral song writing. Lead singer Leona Farrugia’s menacingly soft vocals are like the daring call of a siren, luring you in and trapping you in their net of colourful ferocity. They are at the best with ‘Mackerel’s Funky Mission’, a track so kaleidoscopic and strange that it stands apart from anything on the UK music scene right now. Farrugia’s low, conversational vocals transport you to the dangerous hours of a late-night dive bar, sucking you into her bizarre, fishy backstory. Of the song, she said “I think Mackerel's Funky Mission is an escapism mechanism.... you sort of pretend to be someone else - in this case a fish - to escape from a current situation. It's fun to pretend you're something else and write from that perspective. It was also inspired by the lockdown as I wanted to be a fish just to be able to travel, and also by my love for the sea. I tried to be as visual as possible with the lyrics and the story.”

From the growling guitars of ‘23rd March’ to the whirling, swirling urgency of ‘Catalyst’, and the airy vocals of ‘Just Another Sad Song’, ‘Liminal’ continually startles as it races through influences and darts between genres. The result is visceral and seismic, ready to rock the foundations of the UK’s music scene.