• ediemcqueen

ĠENN Share Twistingly Seductive New Single 'Feel'

Sweet as poison, Brighton based ĠENN release their latest twistingly seductive track, ‘Feel’.

Full of lemon sharp psychedelia and boasting a beautiful mess of influences, the single is taken from their forthcoming EP, ‘Liminal’, out via independent London label Everything Sucks at the tail end of March. ‘Feel’ is a free-falling, glittering mesh of 70s infused dream pop replete with muddied licks of grunge – the track spirals towards a dangerous and glorious conclusion, pulling you down into its depths with it in manner impossible to resist. It is the kind of song to trap you on the dancefloor in the early hours of the morning. Amidst the starry soundscape, the band bare their teeth, moulding the track into something stiletto sharp, and poised to do some damage.

Of the track, lead singer Leona Farrugia says “Musically, the song was inspired by The Doors and Lou Reed's ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ - it’s drone-centred and infused with psychedelic elements, giving space for the vocals to shine through. It culminates in a shoegazey bridge that showcases our love for experimentation, 70's music and jamming. The lyrics personify a relationship with drugs and the dependency that stems from that sense of escapism.”