00:01 Festival to celebrate the end of UK restrictions at Oval Space & Pickle Factory

Offering a unique night of live music, London's 00:01 Festival will take over Oval Space & Pickle Factory on 19th July in celebration of the end of UK COVID restrictions.

Hosted by Egyptian Elbows, the two-stage lineup will feature sets from six bands, including Crows, Flamingods and Talk Show – as well as guest DJ sets from DJ Betamax (The Comet Is Coming), DJ L.E.D (Goat Girl) and Lynks.

Speaking about the event, Rob Broadbent & Max Wheeler of Egyptian Elbows explain: “This is the first time in the history of, well everything (?) that live music in a venue has been taken away from us -and as live music fans first and foremost we wanted to see the occasion back in properly with a BIG night and a load of killer bands that are going to smash it up"

Tickets are available here.