EP Review: Sundara Karma - EPII

Sundara Karma recently released their eagerly awaited ‘EP II’, the follow up to debut EP ‘EP I’

This was one of my personal favourite EP’s of 2015. Starting out with the usual infectious Sundara Karma sound, moving into the slightly haunting sound of ‘Prisons To Purify’ this is a very well made EP.

“Wild eyes, skinny jeans, disengaged at just 19″ ‘Vivienne’ is the love song of the teenage years. With the usual catchy Sundara sound, it will have you hooked on the first listen.

‘Run Away’ is my favourite of the Sundara Karma tracks. “I wanna run from the torture of my mind” seems so relatable, with catchy guitar and some good loud drums, this one will stick in your head for a while.

“But once that I was cut then I could shine” ‘Diamond Cutter’ brings a little more of a riff than the other tracks, Oscar Lulu’s voice is raw and you can hear the emotion. For me this song is the one I’d listen to while slightly emotional after a rough day.

‘Prisons To Purify’ is an almost haunting song. Marika Hackman’s voice blends so well with Oscar’s, a surprising combination which works so well. This track genuinely blew me away when I first heard it, it really is a goosebumps track. “I should’ve known from the start, I could not give you my heart” This is the perfect end to a wonderful EP.

Sundara Karma head out on tour in February/March, with support from Beach Baby, Blaenavon and Pale Waves. Tickets here.

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