10 Questions for... Viola Beach

Warrington four piece Viola Beach are rapidly growing in popularity, ready for a tour with Blossoms it won’t be long until everyone is talking about them. I sent some questions over for Kris to answer which you can read below.

How did you come to form Viola Beach?

I was friends with jack in primary school and we lost contact for a few years then I bumped in to him in the bus station and we decided to start a band. Then I met Tom at the bar we both worked at and River on a music course at college.

What would you say influences your music the most?

The weather, my level of sobriety and my girlfriend. So if the weathers good, I’m drunk and my girlfriend is happy with me I’ll write a really happy song but if the weathers bad, I’m sober and my girlfriends got the hump I write a really sad song, and so on.

You recently played a few shows with The Courteeners, how was that?

It was a very good experience for us and definitely the biggest shows we’ve played so far. It was quite surreal really. They are nice lads as well so that helped!

If you could tour with any band/artist, who would you choose?

Either Blur or the Kooks just because they’re my favourite bands.

Your current releases are catchy, cheerful tracks, will that continue with your next releases or will we see another side of your sound?

There is other sides to us that will come out soon though. It’s still all tounge in cheek though and not too gloomy.

What is your aim for 2016?

Just to do as many shows as possible, get as many people as possible to those shows and release good tracks that people like!

A little about yourselves, what’s it like being a band from Warrington?

It’s actually very handy living in Warrington because it’s very central to everything else so there’s nowhere in the country that we can’t drive to in under 4 hours. That’s an estimate anyway I’m asleep most of the journey.

If you could choose any musician, dead or alive to join Viola Beach, who would you choose?

Definitely Marky Mark Wahlberg because he’d bring a lot of energy to the band.

What would be your dream job if you weren’t in a band?

Ahh, I’ve never been asked that before! Alcohol tester? Oh or that dude who gets to sit and play with Lego all day, that’d be cool.

Finally, what do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?

Maybe sell out our Warrington Parr Hall show, release some more tunes and have some fun. Maybe (just maybe) start work on an album? Maybe.

New single ‘Boys That Sing’ is available on iTunes now. Listen on Soundcloud here.

Tickets for shows with Blossoms here. Tickets for Warrington Parr Hall headline show here.

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