Introducing: Wide Eyed Boy

Wide Eyed Boy have intrigued me for a while now. The Liverpool based four piece formerly known as Whitecliff have returned with a new name and their exciting new single ‘Wolves’. It shows a different side to the band from their fun and energetic live shows, with a darker, slightly moody feel this single proves Wide Eyed Boy as a band with huge potential.

I had a chat with the guys to find out a bit more about the band and what we can expect to hear from them in 2017. Read what they had to say below:

How long have you been playing and writing together as a band?

We’ve been mates for ages as we studied together up here in Liverpool. So we’ve always been writing and playing together but at the end of last year we decided to form Wide Eyed Boy and put our first single our ‘Wolves’.

Where did the inspiration for ‘Wolves’ come from? How did it come together?

We wrote “Wolves” last summer in Hungary. It was the warmest day of the year but we somehow still managed to write one of our moodiest, darkest songs. It’s a song about self sabotage really and how your inner demons and bad influences affect your life.

How would you describe your sound, is there any major influence?

Our sound is a combination of all our influences. It has pop elements because we all love pop music but at the same time it can be dramatic and melancholic sometimes. Rich Turvey our producer is also a huge part of our sound. He introduced us to new sounds and has really influenced our music.

Your live shows are very fun and energetic, if you were to perform with any other artist (dead or alive) who would you choose?

It would definitely have to be singing BV’s on a super group consisting of John Bonham, Sting, David Bowie, Prince and Phil Collins.

Liverpool is overflowing with great music at the moment, aside from yourselves is there anybody we should be listening to?

Liverpool is such a great city for music there is so much cool music out there at the moment. We really like Clean Cut Kid and Louis Berry. Our mates Venus Demilo have also just put our there new single which sounds great.

What can we expect to see from Wide Eyed Boy in the future?

In 2017 you can expect to see and hear a lot more from us. We have some tracks lined up to come out later in the year and we will be playing a few cool shows as well. So keep your eyes peeled.

Wolves’ is available as a free download on Soundcloud, here.