Get to know... The Blinders

The Blinders is a name you should have heard by now. The Manchester based trio are probably the most exciting live band around right now, they’re selling out shows all over the country and rightly so. Debut single ‘Swine’ has had a firm place in my playlist since hearing it live at This Feeling’sBig in 2017′ show at Nambucca and it will definitely be staying there for a while.

I sent the guys some questions to get to know them better, you can read what they have to say about themselves below.

What made you want to form a band together?

Lust for life. Getting 15 minutes out of Maths for Guitar lessons really paid off in helping us escape the rat race.

Describe yourselves in three words…

Charles Milles Manson

How would you describe your live shows to someone who has yet to experience one?

Have you ever watched that scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where Hunter S. Thompson has a flashback to that really cool club in which Jefferson Airplane are playing, and some dude is sniffing suspicious powder of a guys sleeve in the bathroom? It’s like that, but without the acid. Also, lots of shouting about tory injustice, and the punkest, baldest old-cats bobbing their heads along to our songs.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I’d have to say… The Best of The Beatles by The Beatles. No, that’s too hard to answer. We’d have to go for something like Led Zep IV. That’s got a bit of everything, hasn’t it?

Is there anything in particular that influences your lyrics?

It varies. Sometimes you pick up a line from a Dylan or Cave song, and have an existential crisis, furiously trying to expand on what you took from it. Most of the times though, it’s flicking on the television and gawping at the stupid cunts trying to run the country.

Name three bands we should be listening to…

CABBAGE, The Moonlandingz and Avalanche Party… and Strange Bones. That’s three, right?

What is your ultimate aim as a band?

Socialist uprising. We’ve got a long list of names to send to the Guillotine. There’s all sorts on there! From Jeremy Clarkson, to even our housemate, Max.

What can we expect from your upcoming This Feeling tour?

Bundle O’ Fun. We’re always up for a drink and a chat after the shows. We’ve also got some 7” vinyls of our debut single, “Swine”, complete with an unheard B-side. They’re only a fiver. Dig it.

The Blinders are out on their first headline tour, make sure you catch them before they blow up. Tickets

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