Live Review: Let’s Eat Grandma, HAARM, LUNA, Mary Miller @ LMW

Following their recent appearance on Later… With Jools Holland, Norwich teenagers Let’s Eat Grandma played a headline show at Arts Club for the DIY Breaking Out series at Liverpool Music Week. Support came from HAARM, LUNA and Mary Miller.

Mary Miller was the first of the night, providing a short set of atmospheric, dreamy pop. Using just a guitar and a macbook Mary created a lovely atmosphere, with plenty of cheering and whistles coming from the crowd following each and every song. Although a little shakey at first, the set improved as it progressed and became a really enjoyable opening to the night.

After a short break LUNA took to the stage, for me this was the low point of the night. Powerful vocals filled the room, somehow failing to capture the attention of the crowd. The set included a cover of Wstrn’sIn2’, which got a little more attention than the original tracks, but still left people fidgety.

The final support came from Liverpool’s own HAARM, LMW playing host to their first ever gig. Although it was their first, you would never have been able to tell. On stage they sounded as though they’d been playing together for years, perfect harmonies and infectious riffs filling the room.

The sound wasn’t great early in the set, it was a bit of a struggle to make out the vocals but the problem was soon resolved and the set continued in a way I can only call perfect. They chatted and laughed with the crowd before ending with a flawless performance of ‘How Long Has This Been Going On?

HAARM were incredibly refreshing, if this is how they sound at their first gig then I can’t wait to hear them again.

By 10pm the room was busy with people awaiting the headline performance. Let’s Eat Grandma took to the stage, matching outfits and huge hair adding to the mysterious atmosphere in the room.

Within a few minutes, Arts Club had transformed into what felt like an eery fairytale. The set opened with Deep Six Textbook, Rosa and Jenny playing pat-a-cake on the dark stage before taking to the keyboard and saxophone, their vacant stares and haunting vocals creating an intense atmosphere in the room.

I’ve never seen a crowd as mesmerized at a gig as at this one, everyone completely silent and focused on what was happening on the tiny stage. Eat Shiitake Mushrooms was definitely one of the highlights, it’s xylophone intro and rapping lyrics left me feeling like I was in a movie.

This was the kind of set that leaves you feeling quite inadequate, these two girls have more talent between them than you could find in a room full of people. The stage was filled with various instruments, keyboards, guitars, mandolins, xylophones, recorders, saxophones, drums and a macbook full of electronic beats, all of which were played with no obvious flaws.

The stage presence was completely different from most other gigs, the girls didn’t speak a word to the crowd, simply flowing from song to song with actions instead of words. They would drop to the ground, playing dead as songs ended before slowly rising up again to begin another. To have a crowd so engaged without speaking a word to them is truly impressive, and so rare to see.

The set flowed on, featuring the slightly creepy Rapunzel and Chocolate Sludge Cake, before ending with Sink. I couldn’t help but feel I was witnessing something truly special. In a world where almost every band are beginning to sound the same, Let’s Eat Grandma are truly original.

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