Live Review: The Big Moon, Trudy and the Romance, VYNCE @ LMW

Arts Club is just one of the many venues for Liverpool Music Week this year. Last night the intimate loft kicked off a series of shows for DIY Breaking Out, starting with The Big Moon. Support came from local bands, indie pop four piece VYNCE and ‘nowhere boys’ Trudy and the Romance.

VYNCE were in full swing as I arrived at the venue, there wasn’t a huge turnout but there was a nice atmosphere amongst the crowd. They played a nice set of infectious, melodic indie pop, slightly lacking in stage presence but still a good, pleasant performance.

Next up were Trudy and the Romance, by this point the crowd had filled out a bit and the atmosphere was building. They kicked off a fun set of “50s mutant pop” with their latest song Doghouse, it didn’t take long for the crowd to start bouncing and enjoying themselves.

Further into the set the trio invited Pink Kink up onto the tiny stage for a very energetic rendition of The Beatles’ classic, Don’t Let Me Down. There was plenty of stumbling and laughs as the girls danced on stage, definitely improving the mood in the room.

Trudy have a familiar sound, but I can’t think of a single band to compare them to. Although there was a bit of messing around with sound, each member having to ask for more vocal or guitar, they played a well rounded, energetic set which everyone seemed to enjoy.

After a short break headliners The Big Moon took to the stage. They went straight in with recent single Silent Movie Susie, dancing around the stage and whipping hair all over the place. Lead singer Juliette chatted to the small, intimate crowd, telling them how she has “the sniffles” and hopes she won’t phlegm on the front row.

The girls continued their set with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, smiling and laughing the whole way through. It was clear the band were comfortable and confident on stage, their presence was great and they managed to engage the crowd for the most of it.

The setlist included Beautiful Stranger and The Road, but it was early single Cupid that made the highlight of the night. The infectious, irresistible chorus and melody sounded almost perfect, I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since.

It’s clear to see that The Big Moon would fit in just fine on bigger stages with bigger crowds. They’re true professionals on stage, definitely worthy of a much better turnout than there was at Arts Club, but they didn’t let the small crowd bring down the quality of their performance, this was a brilliant performance that would’ve had a huge crowd moving.

One thing is for sure, I’ll definitely be heading to see these girls again.

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