Get to know... TYPES

It's no secret that Manchester is home to some of the best music in the world, but aside from the legends there's a new wave of exciting artists emerging from the North West. With bands like Kashmere and No Hot Ashes rapidly capturing attention, Manchester is more exciting than ever.

One band who are particularly exciting is TYPES, with their self described 'post-post-punk', TYPES are another anti-establishment band, but with a completely different, calmer sound to the likes of Cabbage and The Blinders.

Following the release of their new EP 'The Future Is Close Enough' we had a chat with TYPES to learn more about them.

Tell me a little bit about TYPES, how did you come to make music together?

types started off just having these songs and only three of us available to play it all, so we had to devise a way to perform and control everything without the need for extra musicians, once we'd done that - it kind of gave us our starting point and basic outline of what the band was and from then we've wrote this new LP.

What is your songwriting process like? Does everything come together in a similar way or is it different for each one?

there's always an initial idea or even a 'let's make a tune like this' and then that just gets reinterpreted by everyone, until it becomes it's own piece of music really.

How would you describe your music? Do you have any strong influences?

underworld, the chemical brothers, caribou, new order influenced the moods and themes of this LP, and it's atmospherics too... although there's still our faithful guitar influences too like ride, interpol, diiv etc

Which is your favourite track from the EP and why?

my favourite track is china shipping... because it was inspired by this huge 40ft shipping container travelling on the back of a truck through Farnworth town centre with the words China Shipping wrote on it in massive white letters, it was un-ignorable and a pretty obvious sign of the times as it trawled past the high street's run down, empty shop fronts.

Manchester’s music scene is really exciting at the moment, how does it feel to be a part of it?

well, we've not exactly gone and done loads of gigs or been very social up to now, we've done a few but we've mainly just been in the studio working on our live set, which extends into visuals as well as the music - but fortunately with being based at the studio and producing other bands there we get to see a lot of artists and talk with them and they're always curious about what types are up to, so even though we've been hiding away in our dark corner everyone's excited for when we get out there and start gigging with everyone, starting with the blinders on the 25th of this month.

Is there any other artists you’re particularly excited about?

stalagmites are a band i (Dean, guitarist) have produced recently who i really really like, and have just received some air time on the bbc off steve lamacq, obviously the blinders having (recorded their first EP too) we've got a family connection with No Hot Ashes too but there really is so many talented bands doing their own thing and doing it well, like the claremonts, chris eatough, ethan and the reformation, ryan jarvis, hanover, chris blackwood, control of the going, donna and the cadillacs, all the kings men, etc etc

Is there anyone in particular in the music industry who you’d like to work with?

we find it difficult to work with each other sometimes... but apart from John Leckie there's nobody else we would trust really.

What can we expect to see from TYPES in the next year or so?

we need to put our own club night on and call it POST-POST-PUNK...

'The Future Is Close Enough' is available now. Listen on Spotify here.

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