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Twin Wild are a band I’ve been a huge fan of for a couple of years now. Since catching them support Nothing But Thieves back in 2015 I’ve been lucky enough to catch their live show multiple times, always finding myself wanting to hear more. After signing with PIAS last year, the indie-rock four piece have been away writing songs and working on their sound, returning this year with a brand new EP and their first ever headline tour, as well as a support slot with Prides.

I caught up with the band for a quick chat following their show with Prides at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge, have a read of the interview below.

How would you describe Twin Wild to someone who has never heard of you before?

Imran: Somewhere between Springsteen and Kraftwerk probably, the new stuff particularly.

David: It’s got a cutting pop edge with a bit of 80s synth.

Richard: Edith Bowman a long time ago heard us and she said we are the lovechild of Biffy Clyro and Bastille and I would say that’s pretty reflective, just throw in a load of Twin Wild.

You’ve just finished your first headline tour after being away for a while, what did you get up to while you were away?

David: We wrote a lot of fuckin’ songs.

Richard: There was a lot of questions we had when we signed that were like, exactly what we wanted Twin Wild to be. It took us a long time, longer than we would have liked to get there but that’s why we’re now out playing shows again and doing stuff again and hopefully that’s reflected in the new stuff that is starting to seep into the set and also with our new EP that’s coming out in May which we’ll start playing tracks from shortly. So it’s all been putting pieces together.

How would you describe the difference in your new tracks compared to the early releases like Fears and Another Stranger?

David: We started writing these songs with like a proper groove and a drum beat and it sounds chunky and we get the fat bass and then we just try and top line it and it seems to work out at the moment, it sounds fucking cool.

Richard: They’re bigger tracks, they’re a bit weirder at points but they’re also a bit more defined than our previous stuff. There’s a bit more character in there that we’ve sussed out over this last year of what we wanted and we did a lot of things and realised they weren’t right, we’ve now reached that point where there’s more character, if you listen to Twin Wild what you will start to hear in the new songs is kind of outlining where we wanna be.

David: There’s more of a purer sound coming across in these new demos which we’re really enjoying playing ourselves.

Richard: Hopefully it’s going to get to the point where you don’t go ‘what bands do you sound like?’, other people will hopefully one day say it sounds like Twin Wild.

Ed: Lyrically more experimental but musically, very true to our roots.

How does it feel playing the new songs at these shows? Have they had the reaction you’ve hoped for?

Richard: It’s been really good actually. I think for tracks that obviously on our headline tour show that no-one knew it was a mix of brand new songs and songs we’ve released and there was still people coming up being like ‘what was that new song and when are you releasing it?’ and that’s so cool for us to get that immediate feedback, especially songs we haven’t even recorded yet.

What would you say is the main influence behind your songs?

Imran: Whiskey and heartbreak.

If you weren’t in Twin Wild but could be in any other band on earth, which band would you choose and why?

David: Foals.

Imran: I’d say Fleetwood Mac.

David: Actually, I’d be in the Bee Gees in a heartbeat.

Ed: Ok so Fleetwood and Bee Gees, I’d go Duran Duran.

Richard: I’d definitely take Katy Perry’s role as Katy Perry. No, Shania Twain, I’d be Shania Twain.

What do you get up to when you’re not working on your music?

Richard: I play a lot of basketball at the moment, that’s how I chill out.

David: Imran’s training for the marathon, which I’m trying to help him out with, running but I keep on getting a bad knee.

Imran: I’m supposed to be running on tour but that’s kind of gone out the window.

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