The Wools - Heard It All Before

The Wools are a band I’ve recently stumbled across for the first time, instantly drawn in by their name (‘wool’ being a term used by the people of Liverpool to describe people who claim to be from the city but aren’t) I was very pleased to discover that The Wools, are in fact my favourite Liverpool based band of the moment, despite the amount of talent coming out of Merseyside right now.

A self described slacker band consisting of George and AJ, who moved to Liverpool from the Midlands, Sam from Bradford and Dan, a true scouser. The band are all in their early 20s with influences ranging from Mac DeMarco to 60s girlbands.

Heard It All Before is instantly pleasing; a chilled out, slow-paced track with plenty of jangly guitar thrown in. The stunning, slow vocals remind me a little of Alex Turner’s ‘Submarine’ tracks, but The Wools have their own sound, and I love it. Their debut release is perfectly put together, almost 3 minutes of dreamy, relaxing guitar and vocals, a track that sounds like the work of a band who've been releasing music for years. The Wools are a truly exciting band, one who I will definitely be keeping an eye on.

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