Get to know... The Claremonts

It’s pretty clear to see that we adore Manchester’s music scene and the ridiculous amount of exciting bands coming out of it, but if you’re still not satisfied with the bands we’ve already been banging on about it may be time to introduce you to The Claremonts.

Packed with that Northern vibe that we just can’t get enough of, their latest release Another Day proves them as another great band to look out for.

We wanted to get to know The Claremonts, and so should you. Read our interview and introduce yourself to yet another potentially huge band.

Who are The Claremonts? How did you all meet?

The Claremonts are me (Finn) on vocals, Nathan on guitar, Ryan on bass and Imogen on drums. Me and Nathan have been best mates pretty much since starting high school and in about year 10 he told me about Ryan who he'd gone to primary school with. We started the band and tried a few drummers and nothing really happened until New Year's Eve 2015 when Ryan bumped into Imogen, who he knew from school, and asked her if she wanted to practice. The first time me or Nathan met Imogen was at the first practice, in early 2016. We played a few tunes and we knew straight away, she was the fourth member we needed.

How would you describe your sound? Do you aim to sound any particular way or just do your own thing and see what happens?

What will probably become clear the more we release is that we've not singled out one way we need to sound or write our tunes. I think part of that comes from the way we write whereby everyone contributes whatever they happen to come up with so it's not just one person shaping the sound.

How does it feel to be part of the Manchester scene at the moment? Is it daunting to be amongst so many exciting new bands or do you enjoy it?

It is great, it's a joy to play with so many top bands and have such an array of new music available to listen to. I wouldn't say there's anything daunting about it as I'd like to think we bring something to the scene too.

Speaking of exciting new bands, who are your favourites at the moment? Who would you recommend catching live?

There are too many to list them all but some of our favourites include Cabbage, No Hot Ashes, The Roasts, Yang Sweeps, Kashmere, Types, Shadow Palace and Hanover. There are loads more but they're the first that spring to mind.

What’s the story behind your new single Another Day? What was the writing process like?

Imogen introduced herself to us as a multi instrumentalist by asking to use my guitar in practice once and shocked us all with that riff. From what I remember she had both sections pretty much done then Nathan and Ryan added what they wanted. I'd written the verse lyrics before having heard the tune, which is often what happens, about a pretty deep conversation I'd had and the chorus lyrics came after Imogen had shown me the chords.

How was the reaction when you released it? Was it what you expected?

It was good, it seems to have gone down well and it's nice to see other bands getting into it too. What I've enjoyed most about the release is the following gigs where we've had people jumping about, singing all the words to it, so a big thanks to those people.

Where is your favourite venue to play in Manchester? If you could play any venue in the country, where would you choose?

We've played some top venues since starting, my favourite is probably Gullivers but Night and Day is definitely up there too. That being said, as long as the crowd are into it, the venue isn't too important.

Where do you want to be as a band in 5 years? What’s the ultimate goal?

Ideally, we want to be selling out Old Trafford by next summer, let alone in 5 years but it's obviously very hard to make a stand with there being so many bands out there trying to do the same thing. We'll just work as hard as we can in gigging and writing and get as big as we can.

What’s the aim for the rest of 2017? What will we see from The Claremonts?

We've got a load of gigs coming up so you can check out our social media for them. Also, summer will see us return to Blackthorn Festival which will be great and we've got big plans for other song releases in the near future too.

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