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London’s Paves are a band you probably should have heard of by now; currently in the middle of a tour with This Feeling, they’re a band that have been popping up all over the place. Their rock n roll image is the perfect match for their sound, current releases are packed with psych/rock riffs and a hint of blues running through Luke Shield’s vocals.

We had a chat with lead singer Luke about Isle Of Wight festival and what’s coming up for Paves, have a read of what he had to say below.

Who are Paves? What brought you together as a band?

We're a 4 piece from London, who play Rock with a tint of psych. We consider ourselves both part of a revival and a continuum meaning that we not only take inspiration from great art that's already been produced, but also seek to create something new. This is probably what brought us together in the first place, that channelling from past to future which we challenge ourselves to push forward.

Was there a particular artist or song that made you realise you wanted a career in music?

I don't think there was a defining moment, or some kind of epiphany where I was set on doing music... It's been something that I've always done for myself, so maybe our first gig was the moment we realised we could do this for others as well. Having said that, I'll always remember listening to 'Graceland' by Paul Simon on repeat as kid and I was always amazed by the vast array of sounds coming from that album.

What would you say the perfect description of Paves' sound is?

It's always hard to judge your own art, and we certainly prefer to practice it rather than qualify it, however for anyone who's not heard or seen us before, we have our fingers in a lot of pies. You'll hear a predominance of rock, glazed with psych, blues, country all tied together in neat songs. We're dragging a lot of stuff into the present day and knocking it back into shape!

If you could choose any musician in the world to join Paves, who would it be and why?

Does George Martin count? He could be the 5th Pave, other than that there are a string of amazing musicians that would be amazing to work with, but the list is endless...

You're a London based band, do you think it's harder to get noticed in London than it would be somewhere like Manchester or Brighton?

It's a tough question, and I'm still not sure to be fair. There is this idea that London is saturated and overpriced which in a sense it is, but it's also a melting pot of the world and it gives you opportunities you'd not ave anywhere else. I do think that other towns seem to have stayed more into their rock'n'roll vibe and are more willing to spend money seeing a good band but at the end of the day you win some, you loose some... and I still love London.

Of the three tracks you've released so far, which one is your favourite and why?

It would have to be 'Take me while I'm here'. It's the only one we play live of the three anymore because the set is completely new and the imagery in it is is quite poignant to it's position at the end of the set. It's a kind of hasta la vista moment.

Will the next music we hear from Paves have the same kind of sound as the previous releases or do you have some surprises in store?

The next single is a summer tune, it's called 'Baby' and will be out and about in May/June. It's a step in a new direction with the ultimate goal being an EP en of summer. Most of the set is structured around a similar vibe now, slightly different to 'Take me while I'm here'. It's darker with a big groove an sound.

You're playing Isle of Wight Festival this year, how does it feel to be part of such a big festival?

It's mega! This festival was amazing last year and we have no doubt on it being amazing this year as well. It's a hell of a way to kick of the summer and we can't wait to play it!

Do you have any dream venues/festivals that you want to play?

There are loads of incredible places to play around the world... Being a London band Brixton Academy is always special I guess and it would be fantastic to get over the pond and play Coachella eventually!

Finally, what can we expect from Paves in the near Future?

We are on tour April and May playing all the way from Scotland to Brighton. We kicked off last week end with a sold out show in Edinburgh so hopefully more of the same! Then the single 'Baby' is going to start making it's way out soon, followed by a summer full of festivals I guess!

Paves play Isle Of Wight Festival - 8th-11th June 2017 - Tickets

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