The Wools - HUS Liverpool

About a month ago I came across The Wools, a Liverpool based four piece made up of George and AJ who moved to Liverpool from the Midlands, Sam who moved from Bradford, and Dan, the band’s only ‘true Scouser’. If you’ve read our review of their debut single, Heard It All Before then you’ll probably know that I’m a bit excited about these guys. Despite the amount of bands coming out of Liverpool lately, The Wools have managed, for me at least to outdo them all. With a debut sounding like a band who’ve been releasing music their whole lives, I couldn’t turn down the chance to catch them live at their first ever gig.

So last night I headed to Liverpool’s HUS; the brightest venue I’ve ever stepped foot in, just in time for The Wools to take to the stage. Even with a mention of their nervousness, it’d be easy to mistake the performance these guys delivered for a band who’ve played a ton of gigs before. The entire set flowed nicely, jangly guitar and slow, melodic vocals were consistent through each and every song. There’s no outlandish dancing or attention seeking, just a refreshing energy from the whole band which easily kept everyone’s attention. Finishing off with their only release, Heard It All Before, The Wools’ entire set was one that leaves you wanting more. Most definitely a band I’ll be catching again in the future.

These guys are probably one of my favourite bands I’ve featured on this blog and I honestly couldn’t urge you to check them out anymore if I tried. Go give them a listen and you might just find your new favourite band.

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