Jaws - Manchester Club Academy

When Manchester’s Oxford Road is packed with glitter clad teenagers drinking vodka from a plastic bottle, it’s no surprise that a rowdy gig is soon to begin. This time around, Club Academy is playing host to Birmingham’s Jaws. Following the release of the stunning Simplicity in late 2016, Manchester is the first date of a brief tour for the B-Town 3 piece.

This was my first experience of a Jaws live show, and a highly anticipated one. What I didn’t anticipate though, is the effect that the chilled out, mellow indie pop could have on a crowd. With the room becoming more and more packed as stage time approached, the atmosphere was building to something special. Within a minute of the set beginning, there were inflatable animals flying back and forth amongst the sea of sparkling teens trying to start a pit in the middle of the crowd.

The crowd definitely made the show more enjoyable, if it wasn’t for their energy I feel I could have gotten bored. Stage presence wise, Jaws are lacking a little. There’s very little coming from the band other than a few words muttered between songs and a bit of movement; luckily for them their music is enough to distract from the lack of character.

A mix of old and new songs balanced nicely, the energy was consistent throughout and the crowd seemingly never got bored. Early release Gold was definitely the highlight, causing pure madness amongst the crowd.

Overall, Jaws pulled off a fantastic set and seemed to please everyone in the room. It would have been nice to see some more crowd interaction from Connor and co but even still, it was a great night and I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing them again.

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