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Chester’s Seegulls are a 5 piece indie-rock band overflowing with infectious energy. Catchy riffs and passionate lyrics are what they do best, with their debut EP already released, plays from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary, they’re now set to release their brand new single Eat, Lazarus, Eat.

Get to know Seegulls with our brand new interview below.

Who are Seegulls? What’s one none music related fact about you all?

Seegulls are James Kitchen, Cash Burns, Matty Carney, Ellis Lincoln and Josh Goodyear. We will all rinse your toast when you’re not looking.

What were your dream jobs when you were kids? What made you want to get involved in music?

Kitchen: I’ve never not been into music, I’ve always wanted to have this as a job and I still do! I think I heard Teenage Kicks for the first time when I was 6 and was immediately hooked.

Matty: I used to want to build things… but I loved playing so much.

Cash: Footballer man, the irony being that I fucking hate football now. Oasis got me into music, who else?

Ellis: Anything to do with gaming really, but I listen to music religiously so why not?!

Josh: I played clarinet when I was like 8. But I was crap at clarinet so they thought I’d be a good drummer instead. I can only play hot cross buns now…

How’s the music scene in Chester? Is it convenient being close to Manchester or Liverpool or do you think it makes it more difficult to break out amongst the amount of new bands?

Kitchen: The music scene in Chester is full of talented bands, we’ve played with just about everyone and they’re all fantastic. Its wonderful being so close to Manchester and Liverpool, we personally play a lot of gigs there, but considering the rich tapestry of musical heritage in both those cities, Chester gets glossed over rather frequently.

The general election is coming up and a lot of bands have taken it upon themselves to urge their fans (especially younger fans) to register to vote and spread their views, do you think that’s important or do you think musicians should separate themselves from political events?

Kitchen: It’s interesting because it seems to me that there aren’t a lot of other people out there in any form of entertainment media who seem to get into politics as much as musicians do. If a musician is what it takes to make a young person vote, I think it’s very important.

You’ve released a few different songs now, which one is your favourite so far?

Kitchen: I think we’d all be lying if we didn’t say our new single! It’s a massive change of direction for us and it’s the start of a new Seegulls. Other than that, it’s mad that whenever we play in Chester or Manchester people sing Good Enough word for word back at us and that feeling is just indescribable!

If you could have one of your songs soundtrack your favourite film, what would the film be and which song would you choose?

Cash: Eat Lazarus Eat in Deadpool.

You’re one of many upcoming bands in the North West, who else would you recommend to somebody looking for new music?

Kitchen: Ahh man, there’s so many! In Liverpool, you got COLOUR (who’s new single is phenomenal), Spinn, Little Triggers and our boys Echo Beach. Manchester has Violet Disguise, Templars and LUNGS. But most importantly, check out our friends from Chester- Sustinere, Herbivore Men, greenroom, Campfire Social and Peaness; you will not regret it.

Do any of you have any pets? If you could have a band pet what animal would you choose and what would it’s name be?

Kitchen: Me, Cash, Ellis and Matty all love dogs, Cash occasionally steals his sisters dog who is a joy to have around the house. Josh is more of a cat person which is obviously wrong on every level and also used to have a goldfish called Splashy. But if we had a band pet, it would have to be a seagull wouldn’t it? We shall name him Simon.

You have a new single on the way, how would you describe it in three words?

Kitchen: Mind Blowingly Awesome.

Finally, what would you say to somebody who has never heard of Seegulls?

Kitchen: What are you doing with your life? Get on us man, come to a show, have a dance, have a sing song. Life’s too short so here’s your new favourite band.

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