Pillgrinns - Smile EP

Following their previous single, Island Street, Huddersfield band Pillgrinns have now released an EP entitled Smile.

The first song on the EP, Island Street, is energetic from the onset with the jangly guitar followed by the addition of drums. As previously stated in our earlier review of the single, the band’s influences can also be clearly heard.

Requiem has a more relaxed vibe as it is a significantly slower song with more of a focus on guitar, showing the band’s ability to produce different sounds. By the song ending on an instrumental section, it again reinforces the chilled style of the song and allows the band to show off their talents.

Catherine Wheel is another portrayal of the energetic side of the band with those jangly guitar riffs and upbeat drums making a return. The song is a good listen due to it’s upbeat feel and you easily find yourself tapping your foot along to the beat as you listen to it.

Omnibus, has a similar style to Island Street and Catherine Wheel with upbeat drums and exciting guitars making it a song which you could picture a crowd singing and dancing along to. The pace of the song increases slightly with more of a focus on the drums in an instrumental section of the song towards the end, building up the excitement before then ending back on the catchy chorus.

Final song, Smile, has a slightly different style. It appears to start as quite a slow song, but still has the jangly guitar and strong drums which we hear in their other songs. Again this song has a great instrumental section, with the pace changing and the drums becoming even stronger as well as the addition of more of those jangly guitar riffs.

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