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Ahead of the second of our One Great Song Presents shows at Manchester’s Jimmy’s on the 13th of July, we’ve been getting to know three of the most exciting new bands around. With The Wools, M60 and The Covasettes on the line up, it’s sure to be a night you won’t want to miss.

Niamh Burke had a chat with Oliver and Matt of indie-rock four piece M60 to talk about their new single, influences and what the future has in store for them.

Who are M60 and how would you describe your sound?

Oliver: Just your standard 4 piece indie rock group from Manchester, we aren't trying to re-invent the wheel with our music or anything we just want to write music that people can scream from the top of their lungs to with their best mate cause that's the the kind of thing that inspired us to form the band in the first place.

What made you want to become musicians?

Oliver: Just an all round love for our favourite bands and knowing that's it's undoubtedly the best job you could ever have.

You recently released your new single 'Talk', what inspired the song?

Matt: I can't really remember what inspired the song, it was off the back of a 2 hour catfish session which is all you need to know really Where do you hope to see yourselves as a band in 2-3 years?

Matt: 2 or 3 years from now the hope is to be under some form of management and getting closer and closer to where we want to be, which is selling out stadiums

If you could add a fifth member to the band who would it be?

If we could have a fifth we'd probably chuck our mate Kiam up there as a hype man with a tambourine.

Who are your favourite artists right now that you'd recommend to people?

Oliver: There's a band called The Recreation that we've got a gig with later on in the year and they're class so deffo go and give them a listen, but as a band our music tastes aren't that eclectic, we mainly just listen to Catfish, Mac Demarco and Peace on repeat. And then of course the standard house-hold indie names like Arctic Monkeys.

Being a Manchester band, is it nerve wracking trying to live up to the standards which other Manchester bands have previously set?

Oliver: I think the main mistake to make with being a band from Manchester is trying to live up to the all the other great bands that have been and gone, we just want do our own thing and see where it takes us. But Manchester is a huge part of our identity and we take pride in where we come from.

What do you get up to when you're not working on material for the band?

Matt: When we aren't writing tunes for the band we are the most boring people on the planet, we game, we play football, we do what typical 18 year olds do, but most of our time is spent writing for the band.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2017? Will we be able to catch you at any live shows?

Matt: For the near future we are focusing on writing 3 or 4 new ones for the set and come August time we will be getting back in the studio, what we will record is unsure yet, but in terms of live shows we are playing at Jimmy’s NQ on the 13th of July thanks to the one and only "One Great Song", and we are due a trip back to The Ruby Lounge where they're always good to us, then in September we are playing with our good mates The Recreation at Gullivers so any of you readers feel free to pop down!

Tickets for One Great Song Presents The Wools // M60 // The Covasettes at Jimmy's are on sale now -

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