Blushes - Private Viewing EP

Blushes are a dream pop four piece consisting of Bradley Ayres, Sonny Ford, Jacob Price and Tiffany Marie. Formed in early 2016, the Buckinghamshire band have already played a variety of shows across London, including a launch show for their Private Viewing EP, managing to sell out The Crauford Arms to a crowd of nearly 300 people. Their electronic/acoustic sound combined with a mix of male and female vocals has created an atmospheric EP proving them as a band with potential.

The first of 5 tracks on the EP is the lengthy Blame It On The Weather. A 2 minute long intro sets the tone for the entire EP, gradually drifting into Bradley Ayres’ hazy vocals. It’s not until Tiffany’s vocals come into the mix that the atmosphere really kicks in. The two work neatly together to bring the song into it’s own, somehow avoiding becoming a drag at 7:44 minutes long.

To The Bone has a much more energetic vibe than the first. The intro riff reminds me of Clean Cut Kid, yet as soon as vocals come into the mix it becomes completely Blushes. With the catchy riff flowing throughout and a fast paced drum beat, it’s a sunny feeling and infectious track, probably my favourite of the lot.

Third track Voices has a bit of a moody feel to it. Sounding similar to something you’d expect from The Neighbourhood, the drums and guitar change from the indie pop sound from the first couple of songs to a slightly heavier, rock sound. It’s not quite as easy listening as the others, but shows that there’s more to Blushes than hazy pop sounds.

Hypnotise brings back the pop riffs as Tiffany takes the lead with vocals, restoring the energy from the beginning of the EP. With a catchy, sing along chorus it’s easy to imagine it’d go well down in a festival crowd.

Private Viewing draws to an end with Skin. The atmosphere from the first track comes back to finish everything off, but this time the combination of both Bradley and Tiffany’s vocals is lacking the effect it had at the beginning. By no means does it do any damage to the EP as a whole, but it’s not quite the ending I expected to hear after the potential shown throughout the rest of the tracks.

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