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The Wools are for me, the most exciting band in Merseyside. Debut single Heard It All Before has been a firm favourite of mine for months now, and after catching their first live show I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to book them for a One Great Song show. So, having only played a handful of shows The Wools will play Manchester’s Jimmy’s on the 13th of July alongside M60 and The Covasettes.

For those who’ve never heard of The Wools, I had a chat with the ‘slacker pop’ four piece to give you an insight of what will be happening at Jimmy’s on the 13th of July.

For people outside of Merseyside, (who may think you guys just really love sheep) what’s the story behind the band name?

Sam: When I first joined the band I was turning up to every practice wearing cashmere and merino jumpers, I thought that was the mantra… Only until I saw the lads in shorts when filming our first video did I begin to understand what the name actually referred to. It’s cos we ain’t scouse.

Dan: George suffered at the hands of bullies for his accent whilst at university, and we all feel very strongly about it. With help from his best friend AJ and after meeting Sam, all from outside Liverpool, rehearsing and recording in Birkenhead, as well as being huge Game of Thrones fans, the name came naturally to us. As Tyrian Lannister says, “wear it like armour and it can never hurt you”.

How did you come to form the band considering you’re all from different areas?

Sam: Me and George matched on Twitter (I still think he’s a top bird). He then introduced me to AJ at pre-drinks a few weeks later, and months down the line we found Dan at the bottom of a giant bucket hat down an alley in Liverpool.

Dan: George and AJ have been avid fans of really average music for a long time, they've been trying for years to emulate it or even go one step further, and I feel like Sam just suited the look we were going for with the haircut, lucky he plays guitar really. I'm just here for the money.

Do you all have similar tastes in music or is there a mix? Would you say it’s had an effect on your own sound?

Sam: I think we’ve all had an influence on each other to be honest, the ‘Venn Diagram’ of bands that we’re all into has a lot of overlap; however Ronan Keating is a name that would only bring a scowl from the lads when I mentioned my love for him.

Dan: There's definitely a mix of tastes, quite often there's personality clashes and disagreements on how we think they should sound, someone with experience in the industry might think we won't last very long actually.

If you could choose one person (anyone at all) to join the band, who would you choose?

Sam: Bam Magera for me, he’d have to be on his worst behaviour though. At all times.

Dan: Marcel from the blazing squad... have you seen him on love island? 100%, every time.

How has the reaction been since releasing Heard It All Before and playing your first couple of shows?

Sam: We’ve had some very nice words said about the single. It’s been interesting to hear different things from different people. I’ve also had to stall the offers of friend requests from some of my mum’s friends that I’ve never spoken to, too.

Dan: The reaction has been something we've been very excited about. It's definitely the one people recognise when we play it, but I think it could be the defining song of the band. The one to really propel us into the spotlight. It's probably close to a million views on YouTube, feels like what dreams are made of actually.

When it comes to actually writing your songs, how do they come together? Do you have a specific way of writing or does it differ each time?

Sam: George normally bestows a musical piece into the rest of the band’s hands, and we then compose our own parts for the songs. On a few occasions I’ve taken a riff or chord progression to George, or AJ has had a flurrying bassline, or Dan has had a great backing rhythm. Every single one of us is creative I’d say.

Dan: I think I actually contribute hugely to songwriting, I only joined in February but I already command respect and attention in the practice room, my voice is always heard and I think writing-wise we'd struggle without me.

You’re playing Jimmy’s for One Great Song Presents and it’s your first time playing in Manchester, are you looking forward to it?

Sam: It’s our first gig outside of Liverpool so we’re all stoked. I hope it’s as good as Jimmy G’s! That’s the only Jimmy’s I’ve been to.

Dan: Manchester will definitely be fun, different atmosphere, different people, different lifestyle. We're actually confident we can unite the people of Liverpool and Manchester through our lyrics and put the rivalry of the two cities to bed.

Is there any particular city or venue you’d love to play in the future?

Sam: I’d love to play King Tuts in Glasgow, a few magical things have happened there in the past, we need some of that.

Dan: Wimbledon. Imagine. Strawberries everywhere. No one's ever done it have they? Life changing that.

Finally, how would you persuade somebody who’s never heard of The Wools before to catch your set at Jimmy’s?

Dan: I'd say come down and have a laugh, everyone loves live music and a drink. We're not even that good. Haircuts though, it's like something from that film The Warriors.

Tickets for One Great Song Presents The Wools // M60 // The Covasettes at Jimmy's are on sale now -

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