Callow Saints - Twisted Hazel

Four piece female-fronted rock band Callow Saints have recently released their latest EP, Twisted Hazel.

First song, The Emperor’s Lounge is one of the more fast-paced songs on the EP, with the introduction of those rocky guitar riffs and upbeat drums, along with the addition of the powerful female vocals, this song definitely allows the band to demonstrate their style.

Musculoskeletal brings the pace down slightly, having a more mellow vibe but still including those rocky riffs. The vocals in this song are really important in helping the lead singer to show off her talents as they are quite relaxed but also with slightly edgier vocals at certain parts of the song such as the beginning line of the chorus.

Twisted Hazel continues with the relaxed vibe, with the riffs on this track being slightly less prominent with more of a focus on the simplistic but extremely effective drum beats. Again, the vocals on this track sound great and really allow the singer to show off her voice in a more relaxed style.

Haven’t Eaten In Days again follows the mellow vibe, but this track brings back the rockier guitar riffs and heavier drums slightly more alongside those edgy vocals, assisting in reinforcing the rock style of the band.

Final song on the EP is So Tired, starting off with again a slow and chilled out vibe but the beat gradually builds up as it approaches the chorus, creating a more upbeat vibe allowing for heavier drums and the chance to again show off those incredibly powerful female vocals.

Overall, each of the songs on the EP allow for those wonderful vocals to be displayed and really shows off the band’s rock style, done in such a way that shows their variety as they are able to create great content using different sounds. Callow Saints are definitely one’s to look out for at upcoming live shows.

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