Get to know... The Covasettes

Combining infectious lyrics with an indie-pop sound, Manchester’s own The Covasettes are a band we’ve had an eye on for a while, but have yet to feature. On the 13th of July the four piece will headline Jimmy’s, Manchester for the second One Great Song Presents show alongside M60 and The Wools.

Ahead of the show, we had a chat with the band to find out what they’re about and what can be expected at Jimmy’s next month.

Can you introduce yourselves for anybody who isn’t familiar with The Covasettes?

We are The Covasettes, an indie-rock four-piece from the mighty Fallowfield in Manchester.

What’s something that you all have in common other than a passion for music?

We all love a subway, we hope to achieve a sponsorship deal one day. Eat Fresh and all that.

How long have you been together now? What’s the best part about actually being in the band?

It's coming up to 9 months together now and it's gone so quickly but we're currently making plans for our one year anniversary, maybe a trip to subway or something fancy like that.

The best bit for us about being in a band is meeting new people and creating music that people can bounce around to.

Do you all have similar tastes in music or is there quite a mix between you?

We like a lot of the same music but we all have our own thing too, Jamie for instance is into weird metal stuff which is enough to scar a man. But we're all indie at heart and love a cheesy sing-along in the car.

If we were to see each of your playlists would we find any guilty pleasures? I’ve heard there’s some love for Girls Aloud amongst you, right?

We don’t feel guilty about it, if anything we're proud, if there was ever a Girls Aloud reunion we'd be in the front row singing along to love machine. Other than that our taste is pretty standard except Matt, our drummer, who plays music your dad would listen to.

If you were forced to become a tribute band, who would you be a tribute to?

Talking of Girls Aloud… But, in all seriousness it’d probably be Coldplay, we don’t know if that’s a guilty pleasure in itself, but Chris Martin knows how to pull on the heartstrings. We would have said Oasis but Chris, our frontman, doesn’t have the hair.

You’re headlining our show at Jimmy’s on the 13th of July, what can we expect to hear from your set?

Tunes that make you go… ‘ooh!’ We try our best to write songs that people can sing along to and let their hair down a bit!

Being from Manchester you’ve obviously played a lot of venues in the city, is there any other city you’re particularly keen to play?

We want to play in every city that will have us but right now we would love to play in Liverpool and London, if anyone from either of those places is reading, feel free to give us a call!

If you could support any band/artist (dead or alive) for one night only, who would you want it to be?

Seen as we have fangirled already over Coldplay and Girls Aloud, we would have to say either Oasis at Knebworth or Rolling Stones at Copacabana Beach. Either of those would be okay, it’s hardly Jimmy’s though is it?

Finally, aside from your upcoming gigs, what can we expect to see from you in the next few months?

We don’t have an exact date but in the next few months we will be releasing our debut single which we are really excited about and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Keep your ears pealed!

Tickets for One Great Song Presents The Wools // M60 // The Covasettes at Jimmy's are on sale now -

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