TYPES - I Can Taste Blood

‘Post-post-punk’ TYPES are one of the many Manchester bands we love. Despite having already released an EP long enough to class as an album, they’ve kept themselves quiet with a tiny amount of shows in Manchester; instead putting all of their effort into their recordings. Guitarist Dean explained their varied influences to us in an interview back when The Future Is Close Enough was released and now they’ve returned with a new single, I Can Taste Blood.

Keeping with their toned down sound, I Can Taste Blood gets off to a minimal start with nothing but vocals and a beat. It comes to life with the addition of guitar half way through before dropping back to the simple beat. The simplicity of it all works nicely, boosting the effect when the guitar does come into play. It’s easy, chilled listening; a different vibe for an anti-establishment band compared to the likes of The Blinders.

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