Lyerr - In Principio

Not too long ago Manchester four piece Lyerr released the first track from their debut EP, Belladonna. Having supported the likes of Cupids and received plenty of compliments from people such as Clint Boon and Sara Cox, it was no surprise that the track caused some excitement for the now released EP, In Principio.

Starting off with The Doctors Orders, an infectious riff catches your attention straight away. Ryan Johnson’s northern vocals help to give Lyerr their indie-rock sound while avoiding the generic ‘guitar band’ sound which is everywhere at the moment. A big chorus is the highlight of the first of the EP, giving off a slightly more emotional vibe than what’s to come.

Kicking off with a big, rock-ish riff, it’s Ryan Johnson’s vocals which demand attention throughout Belladonna. It’s fast paced without being over powering, perfectly capable of causing a stir at a live show. Intensity builds through the riffs, creating an atmosphere which simply draws you in as everything truly comes together toward the end of the track. It’s at this point that Lyerr’s potential really shows.

An energetic drum beat gets On The Run off to a big start, quickly joined by that rockfish guitar sound which Lyerr pull off so well. The energy drops a little as the vocals comes in, flowing at a steadier pace through the rest of the track. Again the vocals take full control of the song, up until 3 mins in when a soaring riff takes over, bringing On The Run into it’s own.

Finishing off with Will You Be Alright? Lyerr’s sound is consistent throughout In Principio. They’ve established themselves as a band with a powerful, recognisable sound which no doubt would be a treat to hear live. There’s no low point in any of the four tracks, just big, rock sound which proves their potential.

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