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Birthday Card are probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing bands you’ll come across. Their dreamy, melancholic indie-pop is a delight to listen to, as I’ve learned since discovering debut single Heartstops. Released back in April, the debut is paired with a beautiful video which you simply can’t help but love.

Having listened to Heartstops more times than I could possibly count, I had a chat with the Buckinghamshire four piece to find out what Birthday Card are all about. Have a read below.

You guys are quite an aesthetically pleasing band, is that something you’ve been conscious of or has it just kinda happened?

Tom: it wasn't a purely conscious thought when we started the band however I feel as if the bands image has developed organically through our sound, especially after shooting the video for Heartstops

Conor: In regards to social media, we always liked the idea of using a particular colour palette. As we release more songs this palette may change.

Do you think image is an important part of being an artist these days?

Josh: I think image has always been important in the music industry and having a strong visual presence is great but you have to be yourself.

Do you remember the first time you realised you wanted a career in music? Was there anyone or thing that influenced that?

Josh: Remember listening to Hanson - mmmbop and dancing around to the living room to that. As a kid that was pretty inspiring a the time. That's why I grew my hair too.

Conor: my dad played me Rip It Up - Orange Juice when I was a kid and that was it for me.

Who are some of your favourite artists at the moment? Is there anyone in particular you’d like to tour with?

Les: Colouring, love their sound.

Tom: The Japanese House.

Josh: ALVVAYS, new album’s out in September, can't wait for that to drop.

Conor: Anderson.Paak I've seen the snapchat stories - tour looks lit.

How did you decide on the kind of sound you wanted for Birthday Card? Do you all have varied music tastes or are they quite similar?

Les: We all have a varied taste in music so naturally there are crossovers but our sound came about by just working/creating together in my shed over last summer.

You haven’t played any shows in the North yet, right? Is there any specific city or venue you’re really eager to play?

Conor: we're concentrating on building a local following at the moment but we can't wait to break out and come up North.

Your debut single ‘Heartstops’ has a dreamy, melancholic pop feel to it, is that the kind of vibe you want to continue with in your next releases?

Josh: Melancholy Pop is definitely the sound we're sticking with for now. I feel our next couple of releases will fit under the same bracket.

Les: There may be a few surprises though in the future though.

Speaking of next releases, do you have anything new on the way?

Tom: There certainly is more material coming over the next couple of months, details of which are coming soon.

Do you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do over the next year or two or are you waiting to see what happens?

Conor: We're going to expand out into wedding functions, not just birthdays.

Les: More singles, more videos, more gigs.. possibly a little tour nearer the end of the year.

Finally, how would you describe Birthday Card to somebody who’s never heard of you before?

Josh: The listener can decide for themselves, just listen to the material we release. That's the main thing. If you like it great, if you don't then we're still getting 0.0045p from the Spotify play.

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