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Formed from the ashes of various Sheffield bands, Crooked Flames are a band overflowing with energy. Having supported the likes of The Amazons and Judas, it’s no surprise that their latest single We Talk About It is packed with infectious guitar hooks and a massive sing along chorus. It’s incredibly difficult not to get caught up in the energy given off by the band’s indie-rock anthem sound, their lyrics will stick in your head for days while thriving drum beats will keep your foot tapping along throughout.

Crooked Flames are just one of those bands you can easily picture smashing a huge festival set with a wild crowd singing back every word. After We Talk About It captured our attention, Niamh Burke had a chat with lead singer John Burton to find out a little bit more about the band.

Who are Crooked Flames and how did you form the band?

We’ve all been in previous bands, one of which was together. But we felt we needed a blank page, as our line up, set and way we operate feels totally new. So it made sense to have start afresh.

How would you describe your sound?

It’d say it's big, powerful, punchy, melodic, indie music.

You’ve been asked to do support slots for The Amazons and JUDAS, have you got any other gigs of your own lined up?

Our next 2 shows should be brilliant. We’re doing the Crystal Stage at Tramlines Festival on 23rd July & playing Y Not Festival for the first time which will be great fun.

What inspired the new single, We Talk About It?

A few things. Jealousy, disgruntlement, confusion and frustration. A lovely mixture of emotions right there!

If you could do a collaboration with anyone, who would it be?

We would all answers this differently, so I can’t speak for everyone. My heart would collaborate with The Killers, my head says The Chainsmokers as I’d probably be able to buy myself a yacht within weeks.

Where do you hope to see the band in the next few years?

Hopefully with some real momentum & playing bigger & better shows. We’d love a booking agent to be able to branch out more. I think we would like to have a really strong catalogue of music out too.

What made you all want to become musicians, has it been a dream since you were younger?

I was terrible at sport, not particularly clever and didn’t really have a place at school, and learning guitar and starting a band was brilliant. It’s brought me my best friends, and gave me an identity. But yeah we’ve all wanted it from a young age. I’m not sure about Paul, I think he magically fell into being a drumemr haha

What do you do when you’re not making Music?

Spend too much money on gin, whinge, go bowling, gamble too much, talk about buying clothes i can’t afford.

Do you think it’s hard to get your music out there and get noticed with the amount of new artists coming onto the scene?

I think it’s extreamly hard to be noticed as there’s so much music out there, and new music becomes old within days. You get a very short window of impact with releases which can be disheartening given you’ve spent so much time and energy on something. So yeah it can leave you despondent, but you have to hope it catches people's interest and spreads that way.

Finally, if you could play at any venue or festival in the world where would it be?

It’s just been & gone! Glastonbury is the pinnacle for every band.

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