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Liverpool’s Seprona are back with a new line up and an upcoming new single, Slow Down. Prior to disappearing for a little while the band received support from the likes of This Feeling, Liverpool Sound City and BBC Introducing in Merseyside, cementing them as ones to watch in the Liverpool scene with their indie rock sound.

Ahead of the release of Slow Down, we had a chat with frontman Daniel Badger to find out a little more about Seprona and what's coming up in the future for the band.

You’ve been away for a while and returned with a new line up, right? Can you tell us who’s who?

Hello, yes we have done, so in the band now we have myself Daniel Badger, Chris Woods on Bass, Louis Birchall on guitar, Mike Dunne on Drums and Niall Blanchflower playing keys to

Was there any particular reason for changing things up or is it just something that’s come naturally as the band has grown?

The main reason was that the old line up wasn’t working, the fun had gone out of it for me and I wasn’t really enjoying the set we were playing and the songs seemed to start to drift away from what I have always intended, and it took away what identity I was trying to create maybe. With this new line up I’m genuinely so much happier, and I think you can tell that in our performances. As well, I’ve really started to enjoy writing the songs again, and I think I am writing a lot better as a result of that. I was possibly overthinking things too much beforehand, and trying to form full completed songs, rather than letting things happen naturally.

What about your sound, do you think that’s changed since you’ve started out or have you tried to stay along the same lines with each song?

Since we first started the band, the sound has definitely changed. I think as you kind of start with a new band you kind of get used to how each other play and finding your feet together, so you end up with quite mismatched songs, but as a part of getting this new band together was to form the identity I had for our music, and I really think we have cracked it. I know how I want us to sound and it feels completely natural. I really feel like I’m in such a good place with it all, and I’m so excited for other people to be able to hear what we have been up to.

How would you describe the Seprona sound for someone who’s never listened to your music?

I suppose if we were going to talk in terms of genres it would be somewhere between like rock, indie, alternative. But I really like bands like Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, The Black Keys, and bands of that style, so I would like to think if you’re fans of any of these bands then we are along those lines. But I think we also kind of sound like ourselves.

Being a Liverpool band, there’s a lot of competition and a lot to be compared to. Do you think it’s harder to establish yourselves in Liverpool than it would be in a city with less musical history?

Of course, I think it probably does make it more difficult, there’s so many musicians/bands. Plus because there’s so much going on I think it’s easy for bands to get lost in that, don’t get me wrong, Liverpool has been a good place for us to start but we are a bit more concerned with breaking to a national level now. We only play in Liverpool as much as we play in other cities now. I think as well that’s a thing that has seemed to set us apart from other musicians actually, that we are getting ourselves to other places and getting to new audiences. There’s nothing better than visiting somewhere you have never been before and there being people at a gig to come and watch you. This is our second tour that we are in the middle of at the moment, and we are hoping to do an even bigger one towards the end of the year. So each time we are planning to build on what we have done before.

Speaking of competition, is there any particular Liverpool bands you’re fans of?

Haha, I would like to not think of them as competition, but to be honest I was having a little listen to Liverpool music the other night, and I think the girls are representing the Liverpool music scene very well, I really like She Drew The Gun, Katie Mac, Zuzu, and I’m sure there are more, but I think they are coming up with some of the best Liverpool has to offer.

Is there any particular city in the world you’d really love to play?

In the world, that’s a tough one to just give one, probably New York though, it’s such a boss place and it’s got to be there hasn’t it. There’s so many places though, I’d really love to do a world tour and get to as many places as we possibly can. Doing a European tour has always been an ambition too, the more I think of what I’m saying though, I don’t care where we play as long as we are getting out there and playing to new people it really doesn’t matter where it is, and to be honest, I have found in the past that the best crowds can come in the most unlikely of places!

Now that you’re back, what can we expect to see from you in the coming months? Is there any live shows planned?

Yes you can expect a lot from us, we have been very busy working behind the scenes to make sure we have everything in place that we need, our next single is due to be released on the 20th August, from that point we have 2 more already recorded and ready to go, so we are going to try and release them one after the other, and in between these play as many shows as we physically can. We have been discussing a few things, and we have plans to play in Europe in place, we are just finalising a few things, as well as playing bigger shows and doing bigger tours. We were really lucky with our last single, as it got on to loads of major Radio stations, and seemed to start to create a bit of a buzz, which we really appreciate. And that’s probably why we decided to make sure we had everything in place before just rushing in and starting something, we wanted to make sure that we have a full plan in place and that we knew what we were going to do. Everything is shaping up nicely and we are really excited to see where things are going to take us, everything is really positive, and we are really enjoying making and playing music.

In the long term, where do you hope to be as a band in two or three years?

I think that in 2 or 3 years we will have released an album and be selling out shows all around the country and abroad. As I said we are pretty much set up and ready to go, we are just waiting to release our first single then it’s full steam ahead.

Slow Down is released 20th August.

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