Dharma Wild - Emi Koussi

Consisting of Dave Lancaster, Sam Carty, Adam Dackombe, Oscar Abela and Will Steel, Dharma Wild are Leeds’ ‘post-rock’ five piece mixing rock, psych and atmospheric sounds to create delicate, delightful sounding music. Their latest release Emi Koussi is one of the first songs to really grab my attention in a while and certainly one you should all be listening to.

Emi Koussi gets straight off to a dreamy start with a gentle mix of shimmering sounds, slowly building in intensity before hitting a funky bass line; wasting no time in proving that Dharma Wild are something a little bit special. Psychedelic guitar comes and goes throughout the 4 minutess and 20 seconds of pure delight that is the Leeds band’s sound. They’ve managed to balance both delicate and intense sounds, creating a track which is atmospheric, yet keeps you on your toes from start to finish.

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