Turbulence - [T]

Three-piece indie rock band, Turbulence, from Ellesmere Port have recently released their EP, [T] and with already receiving plays on BBC Introducing Merseyside, they definitely seem like a band to keep an eye out for.

First track on the EP, Think It Through, instantly shows us the rock side of the band as it starts off quite heavily focused on drums before following with the introduction of slightly calmer guitar riffs, although these soon build up pace and become harsher, again reinforcing the rock vibe.

Second song, Close Proximity, again displays the rock side of the band with the use of loud drums and fast paced, slightly aggressive guitar riffs. However, once the vocals begin, the pace of the song lowers slightly during the verses, allowing the indie vibe to be heard, while still having that heavy rock influence.

Fall is the third song on the EP and one which has more of an indie style to it. The pace is slightly slower than the previous songs and the dynamics are also slightly quieter, however the rocky guitar riffs still seep through along with the drums but these just aren’t as prominent as in the other songs.

The final song on the EP is Higher Ground, and probably the song which displays the two different genres the most, The song begins with quite an energetic guitar solo, assisting in showing off the bands’ rock influence. However, the pace is decreased significantly once the vocals start, with the song becoming more mellow. This calmer pace is maintained for quite a while before leading into a build up where the pace begins to increased, leading into another instrumental section which is very much rock guitar based.

Keep an eye out for Turbulence at their upcoming shows in the next few months and to hear what they’ll come out with next!

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