Montagu - Ape X

Ape X is the brand new album from Blackpool rock trio, Montagu. Formed in 2013, the three have played shows across the North, setting them up for the release of Ape X. Taking influence from the likes of Muse and Royal Blood, there’s a familiar alt rock sound flowing throughout the album which could be considered both a good and bad thing.

Lead track Nineteen Eighty Four is packed with heavy, fuzzy riffs; it’s a strong start to the album, however parts sound almost like a Royal Blood cover rather than a Montagu track. Being so early into the album and sounding so familiar causes a worry that the rest of the album will follow suit in that not so unique sound.

Continuing into the third of nine tracks, Titan Row sees the familiar sound continue, but thankfully in a not so obvious way. By this point it’s clear to see that fuzzy riffs and thrashing drum beats are the focus of Ape X, something which I’m sure will translate well into a live show.

As the album comes towards it’s end, Montagu bring things down a little with The Dark. The introduction of piano gives the three piece a more emotional, atmospheric sound than heard in the rest of the album. For me it’s the best of the nine tracks, showing more of the band’s personality while the rest of the album feels a little like the three piece are showing the sound of their influences.

On the whole, Ape X is a solid album which I’m sure will go down great with fans of alt-rock. It would be nice to hear more of Montagu’s own personality throughout, rather than hearing their influences; but that familiar sound is no doubt a treat for some.

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