Monthly Picks - August

Despite featuring as many of our favourite releases as we possibly can, we don’t always have time to write reviews for everything we’re loving. Monthly Picks is a new feature we’ll be running each month (obviously) as a little catch up of the music we’ve been listening to. There’ll be a mix of signed and unsigned artists, both known and upcoming. Hopefully our music taste is as good as we think and you’ll be adding our picks to your playlists, but either way here’s what we’ve been listening to this month.

Marsicans - Too Good

The ever colourful four piece Marsicans have taken their upbeat indie pop up another notch with their latest release. Too Good is about as infectious as you could ever ask for; it's my go to feel good track to start my day and it's never failed to cheer me right up. If you're feeling a bit down, stick it on and watch your world brighten up a little bit.

Fur - Not Enough

I came across Fur a week or two ago and instantly fell in love with their slow, romantic sounding indie pop. Not Enough has a chilled, dreamy feel to it capable of sending you into a daydream. I’ve probably added every one of their released tracks to one of my many playlists and I doubt they’ll be budging from my favourites for a while.

Isaac Gracie - The Death Of You & I

I’ve been madly in love with Isaac Gracie’s music from the second I heard Last Words god knows how long ago, his emotive lyrics and unbelievably beautiful voice have always hit me hard. His brand new single The Death Of You & I sees him break away from the mellow emotion we’re used to, breaking out a soaring rock feel while still keeping the endearing feel we're used to.

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