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Glass Peaks have been making waves since the release of their latest single, I’m Okay. Already gaining support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, and securing a spot on the likes of Spotify’s ‘The Indie List’, the release has seen the Kent trio establish themselves as one of 2017’s breakthrough bands.

We had a chat with Jake, Alfie and Grant to find out a little bit more about Glass Peaks, have a read of our interview below -

You’ve had a bit of a line-up change recently, right? Who’s who and how did you come together?

Jake - Yep, it was a pretty mad time for us. But we got through it and 'I'm Okay' came out of that lineup change, so all is well. Me and Grant have known each other since school and his always been that mad drummer guy who all you see him do is drum and eat hotdogs. Me and Alfie have been good mates since working together at a music museum a few years back. Our days consisted of talking about Radiohead and playing guitar all day, not a bad job that one.

What was your dream job as a kid? Do you remember the point when you realised you want a career in music?

Jake - I've always wanted to be in the arts since I was a wee lad. I won 4 McDonalds art competitions in 9 months as a 4 year old and that was the moment I knew I had to persue a future in the arts and late night McDonalds.

Alf - Similarly, I've always wanted some career in the arts for as long as I can remember. That kind of thing always sounds super cliché but it's true! I remember we two days off of he standard curriculum at school when I was in my second year and you had the option of learning an instrument or taking acting classes. I opted to pick up the guitar and never really stopped after that!

Grant - I'm an echo of the others. My first love was film, but education quickly made me become disillusioned with that, and I had to put all my passion into something. Smashing a drum kit seemed to be the most appealing to me

I’m Okay has been featured in some really popular Spotify playlists, do you think this whole new way of pushing new bands via those playlists is making a difference to the way new bands are received?

Alf - We've had some mad love from Spotify & various other heads. We're super grateful for the playlists we've been featured on! I think it's a positive thing; I think people can be easily beat down by this new way of gaining traction and pushing your music but essentially, it's the same as it ever has been. If you're confident with the music you make & you get out there and tour it alongside pushing it on social media/telling your friends all about it; you're likely to see results. There's a false sense of expectation nowadays that needs to be nipped in the bud. Working hard and believing in what you do in order to reach a wider audience is still as relevant in todays age of Spotify as it was when people sold millions of physicals in HMV.

Where’s your go to place when you’re looking for something new to listen to?

Jake - Usually I will listen to a few Spotify playlists and flick through them until something catches my attention. Also following the tastemakers such as Huw Stephens and Abbie McCarthy is great because there always helping new bands reach a bigger audience.

Grant - Spotify is the go to place, but also from musicians I like. Many a bands I've found have been through some of the people I look up to, and what they're into at the moment.

Speaking of new music, who are some of your favourite upcoming artists at the moment?

Alfie - I'm a fan of the sound the boys in Shanghai Blues are making. We've played with so many bands over the past two years and I always keep tabs on what they're up to. We love the guys in Marsicans are are big fans of what they're putting out right now.

Is there anything or anyone in particular you take inspiration from when writing new music?

Jake - for me it's very much always about social situations and how they make me feel. If I'm pissed of you'll hear it in the tune, if I'm in love you'll hear it.

Grant - When we're writing I try and be different from what we made before, and I have so many influence's it's hard to pinpoint a particular one, but I collect them and go with the vibe of the song also with Alfie and Jake.

If you could film a music video for I’m Okay with an unlimited budget, what would it look like?

Jake - I would love to put Grant in a big swimming pool full of salt and vinager crisps, playing drums under all the crisps. Have Alfie collecting honey from a hive while trying to sing and me laying on a turtles back gliding through the sea playing guitar.

Alfie - Salt and vinegar crisps? Honey from a hive? I'm not sure I'd go for that, I might settle on the turtle thing... haha! I always imagined flares, fireworks and flashing lights of some kind! We did have an idea about facing your fears and having it captured on camera for a video (Grants being salt and vinegar crisps and mine being any bug that flies!) Maybe we'll get a chance to do one in the future!

Grant - If I'm placed anywhere near salt and vinegar chipsticks, someone will pay the price.

You’ve already played shows all over the country and a few in Europe, is there anywhere you haven’t been to yet where you’re really keen to play?

Jake - Amsterdam for sure, we've heard great stuff about that place. We really wanna get out in Europe a lot more, apparently they're nuts for new music over there.

Alfie - Yeah I'd echo Jake here with Europe. We played in Luxembourg recently which was fun. I'd love to play shows in Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona/Madrid - hopefully festival season next year sees us onto some European line-ups!

What have you got coming up over the rest of 2017? Do you have any shows coming up?

Alfie - We've just finished tracking our next single which will be going off for mastering very soon. We do have some upcoming shows, yeah! We're back up North in Leeds for Kazoopa Festival in November and we've got a couple of exciting things to announce before and after that - sign up to our mailing list at & follow our socials and we'll let you know!

Finally, how would you describe Glass Peaks to somebody who’s never heard of you before?

Alfie - big, dirty, stinking bass.

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