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If you missed out on our new ‘Monthly Picks’ feature, you’ve probably missed my love for Leeds’ most colourful four piece, Marsicans. This year has seen the band sign to LAB Records, make it onto the Radio 1 weekly playlist and feature in the opening credits of Made In Chelsea; as well as releasing one of my favourite singles of the year, Too Good.

With autumn seeing them take their indie pop on tour with the ever delightful Clean Cut Kid, 2017 is set to be their busiest year to date; so having been madly in love with their cheery sound and personalities for a while now, I sent some questions over to lead singer James Newbigging to find out what Marsicans are all about. Read the interview below -

You’ve just released your fantastic new single, Too Good, how do you think it compares to your earlier releases?

I think it's one of the most 'pop' songs we've done. It features a wider range of sounds than our other tracks, which we were really pushing for during the writing process.

You’re always a very colourful band, do you try to put that across with your music as well as your image?

Kind of. It's not a conscious thought, but we do like having fun with it all. That's what it should be really.

Speaking of image, do you ever have to plan your outfits to avoid colour clashes?

Of course! There's always a text that goes round if you want to wear something in particular. You've got to get in there quick if you're feeling particularly 'yellow' that day. Sometimes though we carry everything with us, have a fashion show before the actual show and pick that way.

Your tweets are always an interesting read, do you think it’s important to put your personality across to fans?

We always try and be ourselves with whatever we do, mainly because we can't pull off the stereotypical 'be serious and look cool' band demeanour. We do think it is important. It's a very good way of being part of it all with the fans, rather than some distant figures where you only hear from their team online. When someone hits you up with a great GIF/ tweet, how could you not get involved?

‘Woeful Joke Wednesday’ is always an entertaining read, what’s your favourite joke?

Mine is too long for here, and requires a visual impression. But all I'll say is it involves two turtles stood in a field in the rain. I heard it on Come Dine With Me once and it really connected with me. I'll tell it to you in person one day!

You’re heading out on tour with Clean Cut Kid soon, where are you most looking forward to playing?

I'm really looking forward to Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. I've heard great things about that venue and the last time we were in Nottingham it was class. We can't wait to get out with those guys.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you on tour?

On the last tour, after the Newcastle show we accidentally knocked a wall down with our van Pat. It was outside where we were staying, and we paid for it so it's all fine now. But we spent a while on our hands and knees rebuilding the wall at 1am. Not the most fun way of ending a night.

If you could plan your dream Marsicans headline show, where would it be and who would you have to support you?

I don't mind who supports us. As long as we can get Martine McCutcheon on stage and duet 'Perfect Moment', I'll be happy. The venue might have to be the Loose Women studio to convince her, but we're pretty flexible.

Aside from touring, what have you got planned for the rest of 2017? Are we likely to hear more new music?

There will be more new music. We've got a couple of options at the moment, but there will definitely be some more music before the end of the year.

Finally, who are some of your favourite upcoming artists at the moment?

I'm really into Bad Sounds and Cassia at the moment.

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