The Dolce Vita - Brand New Bathroom

Brand New Bathroom is the debut EP from Hackney psych-pop five piece, The Dolce Vita. Having stumbled across the sounds of Michael James Dent, Angus James, Cameron Black, Richard Dent and Christopher Jones on Facebook, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with their jangly, psychedelic sound.

The first of four tracks on the EP, Living The Dolce Vita instantly sets the tone for the entire EP. Jangly guitar paired with laid-back vocals give off a lazy vibe in the very best of ways. If you could capture the sound of a sun drenched Sunday afternoon, it’d sound a bit like Living The Dolce Vita.

Outside sees the Hackney lads step up the energy a little, a psychedelic synth intro sets a more intense atmosphere than in the first track. Almost spoken vocals have a Courtney Barnett feel to them, which of course is never a bad thing. The contrast of the slower vocals against the energetic backing of synth and those jangly riffs creates an infectious track which is sure to stick with you for a while.

Title track Brand New Bathroom kicks off with the hazy feel of Living The Dolce Vita, yet it’s building psych riffs and almost dreamy feeling rhythm packs more of a kick. As expected, it’s the climax of the EP; filled with a kind of confidence which can do nothing but enhance the delightful feeling that The Dolce Vita give off.

Following on from the psychedelic beauty that is the title track, Sofa Bed is simply the perfect end to what is without a doubt one of my favourite EP’s of 2017. Returning to that lazy sound which draws you in, the jangly, romantic feel of the final track will send you off into a psych-pop daydream, no doubt leaving you madly in love with The Dolce Vita.

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