Astral Project - Athena

Manchester’s five piece Astral Project describe their sound as a “heavy and hard hitting melting pot” of various influences, and that it is. Made up of Abbi Parcell, Scott Woodcock, Jack Biggs, Emma Rossun and Sophie Erasmus, Astral Project have an intense yet hazy, fuzzy feel to them, a welcome change from Manchester’s many indie-rock bands.

Recently launched at Manchester’s own Night & Day Cafe, debut single Athena is the perfect display of those varied influences. From the hazy, spaced out vocals of Abbi Parcell to it’s psychedelic riffs; Athena has so much going on that each listen unearths another element, leaving you refreshed each and every time. Astral Project have managed to avoid sounding overbearing with the many aspects of their debut, leaving them with a neatly put together, refreshing track which leaves me excited to see what they’ll do next.

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