Neon Dolls - Black EP

Formed from the ashes of other bands, Leeds’ gritty rock five piece Neon Dolls have certainly found themselves a line up that works. Having formed two years ago, the band have grown a solid fanbase with support from the likes of BBC Introducing and Fred Perry Subculture, leading them to the release of their latest EP, Black.

Kicking off with Creep Inside, the five waste no time in displaying their in your face, punk-rock sound. Soaring riffs meet thrashing drums to create one of those songs you instantly know will have crowds going wild. Shout-along style vocals are along the same lines as a Mallory Knox track, giving Neon Dolls a truly infectious energy.

The second of three tracks, Invincible is slightly less up front in it’s riffs, but those vocals manage to keep up the punk-ish energy throughout. The contrast of those almost indie-rock riffs against the rawness of the vocals works nicely, although there’s definitely the odd part where I find myself wishing the vocals were toned down just a little.

Ending with Nasty Habits, that wish for toned down vocals becomes stronger. Not that the gritty vocals don’t work with the quality riffs that Neon Dolls so clearly own throughout the EP, simply that a less shouty vocal would be the perfecting touch for what is already a strong release from a band sure to continue growing that already dedicated fanbase.

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