TREMORS - Another Ocean EP

(Photo - Ianthe Warlow)

Recently launched with a sold out show at The Castle Hotel, Another Ocean is the first EP from Manchester’s alt-rock five piece, TREMORS. Featuring 5 tracks, including debut single, Go Steady, the EP is a perfect display of the band’s light-hearted but tasteful and mature sound. The EP maintains a relatively steady tempo throughout all 5 tracks, which enhances this band’s ability to carry a set mood throughout and show off their individual talents.

Title track Another Ocean opens the EP as a fully instrumental track, marking a brave yet calming welcome into the EP. It’s an instant taste of what’s to come with the following tracks; jangly guitar enhanced with elements of synth and perky drum beats to create an unbeatably mellow but vibrant EP.

As Another Ocean comes to a dreamy close, Retrogress offers an equally otherworldly but fresher sounding introduction. Frontman Mark Nangle’s vocals grace the track with maturity, while seamlessly piecing together each segment of the song.

The third song is artfully titled Crystalline, and continues to progress the EP into its perkier and more up-beat pieces. With a memorable guitar hook throughout, and a tuneful outro; we can tell that this band is not afraid to experiment when it comes to developing their own sound.

Go Steady is the penultimate piece and carries elements of soul and slow funky riffs. A perfect late night ballad; the title itself is echoed in the lyrics and overall ambience they create. This song politely waits before reaching its climax, by which point the catchy melody feels friendly and familiar.

Waiting On Your Love as a closing track, prominently features a more upbeat sound, keys and groovier, bolder guitar. The bridge of this song feels like an amalgamation of all the styles the EP presents itself with. TREMORS are certainly a band in favour of creating and setting a mood within their music, who certainly don’t need to rely on just one stand-out track to represent their sound. This band experiments, this EP takes its time; and the result is a beautifully crafted EP to majorly chill out to.

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