Velvet Volume - Look Look Look!

If, like me you’re a lover of sassy, powerful women in music then Velvet Volume might just be the band you’ve been waiting for. Their punky rock sound is along the lines of Dream Wife, which of course can only be a good thing; and if that isn’t enough to grab your attention then the fact that they recorded the theme tune for the Danish version of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ surely will.

The recently released Look Look Look! is the first I’ve heard from the sisters, and instantly made me search for more. It’s playful yet powerful in the most enticing of ways. Rock riffs and bolshy drums give even more edge to the confidence which oozes from the addictive vocals and harmonies; combined with it’s colourful, playful video it’s the kind of song which leaves you wanting to be a part of Velvet Volume.

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