TYPES - Apparition

Manchester’s ‘post-post-punk’ trio TYPES have returned with their brand new single, Apparition. Released tomorrow (22/9) we've managed to grab the first play and a chat with the band.

Continuing with the anti-establishment theme we’ve heard from their previous releases, Apparition sees them take things up a notch with the use of more samples and synth, while still keeping to their usual guitar sound.

Speaking about the new track, TYPES said “This track started life as a demo called 'Saturday Job' - it's another anti-establisment rant about entitlement and how our generation is getting left behind really… following on from our LP The Future Is Close Enough which was a kind of warning call then I Can Taste Blood which was like the initial aftermath… Apparition is kind of us stood around saying like what the fuck do we do now?”

“As always it's the constant battle between pushing boundaries and still trying to keep it sounding raw and authentic… it started off with that weird, processed vocal sample and then the straight forward low end - the guitars, drums and vocals all came last with this song.”

Speaking about their upcoming show at Blind Tiger in Bolton on 4th November, the band gave us a little insight of what to expect.

“It's a free entry show with Cavana playing too… after the success of our last gig at Jimmy's with Stalagmites, we wanted to put on another club venue event where we can get a good atmosphere and buzz going before we go on with our crazy fit-enducing lighting rig and punishing bass - our live performances have been described as 'the raw energy of a live band, with the sensory commotion of an underground rave' which, kind of makes sense.”

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