The Wools - I'm Your Fool

Liverpool based slacker-pop four piece The Wools are a band featured regularly on the site, and having played flawless sets at two of our OGS Presents shows remain a firm favourite of mine. It feels like forever since I stumbled across their incredible debut single, Heard It All Before and so I was ecstatic to hear of the release of it’s follow up, I’m Your Fool.

Having heard (and loved) I’m Your Fool at three of their shows, I knew it would be a strong follow up before even pressing play. Packed out with those dreamy melodies I originally fell in love with and the perfect amount of jangly guitar, the second single instantly proves that these guys know exactly what their sound is; and have a knack for writing songs which will simultaneously stick in your head, and chill you right out.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that The Wools are the best Liverpool based band of the moment; now is certainly the time to get onboard, it won’t be long before the world realises just how exciting they are.

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