Deep Sky Objects - Deep Sky Objects EP

Deep Sky Objects are an alt rock band from Kerry, Ireland whose shiny new self-titled EP is a perfect shell to encompass their rocky and mature sound.

This City’s at War is the first track; bravely kick starting the EP into its loud but refined glory. This song is proud and distinguished, with soaring guitar elements and a gorgeous bridge segment that turns the song from dramatic to having a slight optimistic sound contrary to the title and lyrics.

Bones comes second with a slightly edgier riff but calmer vocals, continuing this creative contrast prevalent in much of Deep Sky Objects’ work. With slightly less intensity than previously heard, the vocals climb smoothly into a roaring and passionate line, ‘I feel it in my bones’.

Desire resumes the darker sound frequented in the opening number. We hear more bass and heavier vocals that really bring out the feeling behind the lyrics and keep their multi-dimensional sound flowing.

Next, comes See you When It’s Over; a sassy anthem with an assertive message. It’s vigorous and punchy in the best way and has each element carefully thought out alongside the bold guitar continuing throughout.

Closing, is Crazy New Addiction, which suitably is such an addictive song. Despite dark lyrics, this track has an alluring undertone and slight echoes of Royal Blood. There are sharp hits of bass and a sort of groovy rhythm that can’t be ignored.

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