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“Psychedelic grunge” definitely isn’t the most common of sounds, but maybe that’s why Runcorn (it’s near Liverpool) trio SPILT have already earned themselves a decent following.

Despite a recently released debut single by the name of Facemelter, and social media pages filled with capslock, SPILT aren’t quite as in your face as you’d expect. That said debut single is a little bit fascinating; bolshy drums met with psychedelic guitar and grunge like vocals create an interesting combination which somehow works.

Having had our attention captured by these intriguing three, we had a chat with SPILT to find out what’s going on behind the capslocked social posts.

You’re quite a new band, can you introduce yourselves and tell us an interesting fact about SPILT?

Yeah, Hi we're SPILT theres Morgan - guitar/vocals, Ron - bass/vocals and Josh - drums. None of us have actually had a proper music lesson.

You’re all from Runcorn, right? Do you find you’re often classed as a Liverpool band?

Yeah, a lot of the time its difficult explain what the hell Runcorn is; so normally we just say we're from Liverpool anyway.

Do you think being from just outside Liverpool makes it a bit more difficult to stand out amongst the amount of new bands coming out of there or does it not make much difference to you?

It doesn't make a whole lot of difference in us standing out but it makes it more difficult to get in with the right people and places than if we were from the city. Also its a piss take getting the equipment to and from gigs.

Your debut single Facemelter is going to be released very soon, how does it feel to be so close to having it out? Are you nervous or excited to see the reaction?

We are absolutely buzzing, its the beginning of all of our new music we're bringing out. If you thought Acid Baby and Morphine Queen was good, then all of this new stuff is on another level. We're taking a small step back and focusing on making the music we release top draw quality wise. Facemelter is more of a intro to the new stuff. We're very excited for everyone to hear it but more excited for you all to hear whats coming after!

You describe your sound as ‘psychedelic grunge’, who/what influenced you to go for that sound?

It's both of our main influences in music, and its the closest thing to describe our sound. Not every single one of our songs are gonna fit into that though. Some of our tunes have a raw punk sound and others are close to jazz sounding, also Psych-grunge just has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

What do you think sets SPILT apart from everyone else starting out their musical careers?

Unlike a lot of musicians today, we actually are in it for the money and fame.

Just kidding, we're very very invested in what we do like if we weren't in this band then we wouldn't do a whole lot else, and what we have right now like equipment and recordings we earned it ourselves. Its more of old school grass roots than anything else.

Is there any particular band/artist you aspire to be on the same kind of level as?

We can't really name any specific band, probably one with a loyal fan base, almost to the point of a cult following.

Of all the shows you’ve played so far, which has been your favourite? Any reason why?

We've played a load of good gigs recently. We've played Arts Club, O2 Academy and loads of other great venues recently... but a gig we played at The Zanzibar few months back, that was pretty wild, your always close to the crowd there and the atmosphere is one of the best around.

What can we expect to see from you after the release of Facemelter?

We've got a lot in the works at the moment, some big things gonna come soon and trust me you'll know about it when it comes. After Facemelter's out we're back in the studio for a bit. Facemelter is more of the transition between the old and new stuff so you all better be ready for whats coming out after.

Finally, how would you describe SPILT in three words?

Energetic, Crude, Recherché

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