Manchester’s DELIGHTS may be a recent addition to it’s thriving music scene, but they’ve wasted no time in getting themselves going. With a fair amount of live shows under their belt and plenty to come, their self titled debut EP has come at the perfect time, providing the perfect introduction to DELIGHTS.

The first of it’s four tracks is the previously released Bloom, a simple but solid starting point for what’s to follow. Bloom packs a whole lot of energy into just under three minutes in the form of fast paced, jangly riffs and vocals reminiscent of early Catfish and The Bottlemen tracks; it’s infectious and enjoyable, maybe missing a slight hint of intensity which could build Bloom into something which truly packs a punch.

Following on is the slightly moodier Better Place. That missing intensity from the former track can be found in the guitar of the latter, showing more of the potential which DELIGHTS are full of. There’s more of a indie-rock feel than the pure pop of Bloom, something which again could be expanded on with a little more confidence in it’s vocals.

Cascade sees a whole lot more improvement in that believability, there’s more balance between those Northern vocals, pop-ish guitar and the indie-rock feel that it’s built on. It’s more mature than the first two tracks and gives you a good feel of what DELIGHTS could be capable of.

Ending on it’s best track, Lust sees everything come together. Light but thrashing drums met with fast paced, easy to listen to guitar is familiar sounding but none the less is true to DELIGHTS’ style. Lusts is a classic indie-pop track which neatly rounds off a solid starting point for a young bad with plenty to offer.

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