Cleargreen / Sauce / Sollo - Rebellion 14/10/17

Saturday night in Manchester is always a busy one, but this weekend there was a welcome break from Deansgate’s many stumbling drinkers over at it’s very own Rebellion. Having already sold out, it didn’t take long for the venue to pack out ahead of Cleargreen’s single launch for their storming debut, Stargazed.

With support slots filled by Sauce and Sollo, and the night organised by the legendary This Feeling, it’s no surprise that there was barely room to move in what is a pretty big room for a band with just one song released.

(Photo - Ianthe Warlow)

The first of three bands on stage were Sollo, probably the most typically Manchester band I’ve come across in a while. Of course that’s never a bad thing, if fast paced rock riffs and classically Northern vocals are what you’re into; you’ll love Sollo.

Their entire set from start to finish is packed out with potentially huge tracks which in time will be more than capable of sending crowds wild; performance wise the Manchester lads pulled off a solid show, there’s definitely room for improvement and a little confidence to be built up, when that’s there Sollo will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

(Photo - Ianthe Warlow)

Confidence is something that the second support of the night, Sauce are overflowing with. It’s not very often that a band can make me feel like I’ve just been grabbed by the shoulders and shook around a bit, but these guys went and did that. Within a minute of their set starting, my attention was truly captured.

Simply thriving from start to finish, Sauce have just about everything you could ask for. A mix of psychedelic and classic rock riffs, huge choruses, blues-y vocals and stage presence capable of taking over the biggest of rooms, these guys are way above the level of playing support slots; they’re a ready to go headline band. Without a doubt one of the best live bands I’ve seen in the last twelve months, and definitely the most exciting of the lot; if you get the chance to see Sauce, please do not miss it.

(Photo - Ianthe Warlow)

With the last of the supports leaving the stage to chants of “We want more!”, a short break only spurred on the packed out crowd of Rebellion as Cleargreen’s set time approached. With people stood on tables and chairs for a clear view over what was one of the most packed crowds I’ve been amongst in a while, the band took to the stage with chants of “Cleargreen! Cleargreen” filling the room, looking more than prepared for the blinding set they were set to begin.

Despite the curse that is early train cut offs meaning I had to leave halfway through, what I saw of Cleargreen gives the kind of feeling that Manchester’s music scene is still unrivalled. The ferocious energy of the four piece alone is enough to justify the incredible response received from their crowd; combine that with their technical ability and the swaggering confidence built up by frontman Ali Staley’s Northern vocals and the pure class and infectiousness of tracks like Stargazed and you’ve got yourself a band more than capable of achieving huge things.

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