Himalayas - Sigh On A Hurricane

Cardiff’s Himalayas are a no-nonsense indie-rock four piece bursting with a raw, youthful energy which is hard to ignore. Having just finished a tour with This Feeling and racking up over 1.7m streams with earlier release, Thank God I’m Not You the Welsh lads are wasting no time in making a name for themselves.

Brand new single Sigh On A Hurricane instantly packs a punch. Himalayas are loud, in your face and they’re unapologetic about it too. Snarling riffs and a bolshy chorus take over the latest release, while it’s fast paced, thrashing drums make it almost impossible to not move at least one part of your body to it’s rhythm. Himalayas capture the best of their youthfulness in their sound while sending a mature message through their politically based lyrics; creating an exhilarating track which hits like a slap to the face.

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