Childhood / TV ME - Liverpool Music Week 1/11/17

Liverpool Music Week is in full swing of it’s 15th anniversary year, taking over several of Merseyside’s venues for a week packed with shows from a mix of both upcoming and already established artists. Having kicked off with the festival’s biggest show to date featuring CHIC ft Nile Rodgers over at the Echo Arena, it’s safe to say that LMW have took things up a notch for 2017.

Wednesday evening saw the retro feel of The Magnet play host to London’s Childhood. Having released one of the strongest albums of 2017, capturing the attention of many with their delightful soul pop sound, it was pretty obvious that The Magnet was the place to be for Wednesday night.

Support for the evening came from ‘future-pop’ trio, TV Me. The three easily gathered what was probably the most people I’ve ever seen in The Magnet at one time as they took to a stage packed with synths to the sound of TV voice overs; easily gliding into a set packed with shimmering synth pop sounds and luscious melodies. Debut single Peppercorn Boy was certainly a highlight, creating a laid-back atmosphere in the room with it’s dreamy harmonies and gently driving indie-pop beat.

There were moments amongst the set in which the sheer amount of synth felt a little over powering, but with a little tweaking and a hint more confidence, TV Me will be a truly exciting band to look out for.

The room had definitely filled out as the time for Childhood to take to the stage neared, still not quite filling the venue as you would expect with such an exciting upcoming band in such an intimate venue; but none the less the turn out was good.

The anticipation had certainly grown by the time not just the four took to the stage but seven, a new line up since the band returned with Universal High and it didn’t take long to realise that they are in fact a band of such high quality that seeing them in such an intimate, laid-back venue was a true treat which is unlikely to happen again.

Playing a total of ten tracks, from the swirling swagger of Don’t Have Me Back to funky, addictive Nothing Ever Seems Right; Childhood, the maturity of their performance and their 70’s-esque aesthetic are so unbelievably tight and transfixing, each and every moment of their set feels almost too good to be live. I haven’t had that “I need to see this band again” feeling in quite a while, but Childhood brought it back with a bang, and as it did last year Liverpool Music Week has provided me with one of my favourite shows of the year.

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