Bloody Knees - Headrow House - 9/11/17

It feels like an age since Bloody Knees released the Stitches EP back in 2014 but they’ve finally released another EP titled, Maybe It’s Easy! I went to the leeds date to see what the band's third EP sounded like live. Opening with Stitches the band are clearly far more confident and rightly so as they match the confidence with talent, the songs have still kept their anger however now they undoubtedly sound like the headline act. “And I'm covered in blood but at least I'm having fun” yells frontman Bradley Griffiths with every ounce of passion he had for the songs release three years ago!

Hurtling straight into Like What You See, it shows the band's confidence in the new ep. Showing off this new track that opens with Oasis like echoing guitars, this is definitely the band at their most confident. The band move swiftly on to Never Change this time and again whilst this song is three years old the band perform it as though it was a track from the new EP.

I Want It All from the new EP also gets a chance and more than delivers, the strutting drum beat paired with sensual lyrics and delivery topped off with a meaty guitar hook is the perfect combination. Whilst it does take a fair while for the crowd to get properly in gear but after fans are treated to Ears, Eyes Oh’s And You from the band's debut ep there’s no holding back. Limbs flail, lagers are lost.

Bloody Knees are definitely not in any major rush to release an album and from this showing of what they have to offer. Their patience however has paid off, three eps down they look more than ready to release their debut album. They’ve tightened their sound but still have their initial bite that’s now grown into a ferocious flurry of anger.

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