JAWS / Marsicans / Social Contract - The Magnet - 24/11/17

Liverpool’s most retro feeling venue The Magnet is one I’ve rarely seen hold more than thirty people, that however was changed on Friday evening as Birmingham’s indie dreams JAWS took over with their rapidly sold out date of their November tour. As expected, the room was packed with buzzed sixteen year olds and their plastic bottles filled with vodka; promising a wild atmosphere for the night.

(Photo - Selma Kesedzic)

The first of two support acts joining JAWS at the halfway point of the tour were the white denim clad Social Contract; kicking off with enough enthusiasm to snap a guitar string just a few songs in. While the quartet came across as loud and energetic, there’s an air of emotion throughout their indie sound; nearly balancing their energy with a genuine, mature sound. Despite never coming across them before, they played a set which was truly enjoyable and left me intrigued to hear their recorded tracks.

(Photo - Selma Kesedzic)

Maintaining the energy of the evening, the ever colourful Marsicans filled the second support slot of the show; a booking which I was truly excited about. Kicking off their set with Arms Of Another before flowing into pretty much every single they’ve put out, including the infectious rhythm of latest release Throw Ourselves In; Marsicans remain the most cheerful band I’ve come across on a stage, filling the room with both their smiles and sound.

(Photo - Selma Kesedzic)

By the time JAWS made their way onto the not so spacious stage of The Magnet, the room was very much full and overflowing with the tension of teenagers eager to cause some chaos. That tension lasted a mere moment, quickly erupting as the set kicked off with the hazy feel of Surround You. Moving onto Cast and it’s soaring chorus, the venue’s disco ball could be seen flying from one side of the crowd to the other having been detached from the ceiling; leaving the fans positioned below it looking delighted with their achievement.

I find it hard to imagine the kind of craziness which occurs only at a JAWS show when listening to their albums, but somehow when in the same room as both them and their ever so dedicated fans their music has a whole new side to it. Looking back to their last tour at the beginning of the year, it’s easy to see that the band have found themselves a new kind of confidence. Connor Schofield is much more talkative than previously seen, repeatedly commenting on how Liverpool has been the “best show so far”.

(Photo - Selma Kesedzic)

Drifting through the set with a mix of tracks from both of their albums, JAWS topped off their tight, atmospheric set with fan favourite Gold, avoiding an encore as they “couldn’t be arsed” making their way to the tiny space they’d be squashed into.

Being my second time hearing the best ‘surf-pop’ Birmingham has to offer, Friday evening proved a night packed with quality bands capable of being both fun, and spine-tingling at the same time.

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